We have pleasure in presenting you some art work from Bohemia, Prague – the heart of Europe. This art is being created by Mr. Ivan Kolman whose masterpieces are on display throughout the world – from an original gift for the Vatican on behalf of the Czech Republic to various places in all continents and in the hands of private collectors.

Mr. Kolman is gripped by the medium of glass. The extraordinary thing about his art is its absolute originality. He creates a new exceptional and particular style that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Mr. Kolman, a disciple of the well-known Czech artist Prof. Libensky, creates a combination of cut and sandblasted sheets of glass. These are then situated on a dark backing board to highlight the details. Some details are plated in a vacuum kiln. His elaborate incomparable style of high intrinsic value has been appreciated all over the world and his successful exhibitions testify to the high degree of Mr. Kolman´s work.

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